A highly placed officer, say a manager, in a great company is not a manager because he is paid heavily. This is how it works: an importantly skilled officer is appreciated for his services in immense amounts only for the reason of the office he or she occupies. The formula utilized in all industries is to tie an exact size of appreciation to specific positions.

Positions are not just occupied by just anyone. All positions are value-based. ” You get paid for the value you bring to the hour” and to the market. That is how it works everywhere.

Values are too different from methods or formulas. While formulas are applied, values are inherent. Values are priced. Values are dependent on who and what you are. ‘Who you are’ is the state of existence that counts first and last. It determines your world. It attracts to, add to and subtracts from you.

Who you really are
not what we see this hour;
the report we get from selves
against the praises to which we dance;
is of more price and worth
and will pay heavily above all on earth.

This principle of tying precise amounts of appreciation and reward to specific positions is in direct relation with what is obtainable in life generally. There is a higher-life that pays far more than formulas and methods. Calculated acts, motivated drive and skillful might may pay but one that utilizes them without first checking to make sure he is rightly positioned for that which he expects, will find satisfaction and happiness eluding him each time he desires their genial companion.

He that will meet with pure success and live life to the maximum must touch life inwardly. To live life is to return from meeting with the UNIVERSAL GREATNESS in a willful act of self-denial, self-government, self-control and selflessness. To live life on the surface with the steady application of methods is to not to live fully. Life -real life- is lived from inside out. ”Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose his life” with mathematical exactitude. To see it bounce, one must hit a ball so hard on the ground. And to keep it popping is to consistently hammer it against the ground.

To die is to live
To dive is to thrive
To live is gain
For gain, allow pain
To increase you sow
Seeds must not stay same to grow.

To go to work on self and reap the rewards thereof is to go inward before coming outwards. It is to make all sensual and selfish accretions, tendencies and desires to loose their hold. To do this a man must go deep inside and connect with the ”Kingdom withing you .” This is to touch the GREATEST OF ALL. This is to touch with the universal LOVE. This is meeting with God. Every other thing is secondary and included.

Becaused I’ve tasted death and
realized life I need;
I set out thence
to seek life and live it hence.

I reduced Everest;
I scooped out the deepest.
Determined, I dared Sahara
and walked the ice, no surrender.

Exhausted, I turned to return. But
this time I took the lane marked, ”LOVE AND HEART’;
Oh! How narrow but more soothing it grew.
Well, I sauntered on with the travelling few.

Then I am home, meek and alive.
To my amazement, I found love
welcoming me home at the gate.
And with her stood all of heaven and life!


About Igwe, Solomon I

I am just another soul that have realized there is a higher life -that of LOVE AND SELFLESSNESS LEADING TO PERFECTION- and realm of existence men ought to come in contact with, be habituated to and live in . This life I seek to attain and while journeying also wish to bring others along. Welcome!
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